What the Stars Will Bring in 2017!

Well 2016 was quite a year wasn't it? There were upsets a plenty in the political world and continuing unrest and uncertainty for many folk around the globe. That is without the sad loss of some of our most recognisable and popular cultural icons.

Astrologically some of the same energy will be manifesting throughout 2017. The planets do their thing regardless of our arbitrary delineation of time. So 2016 changing to 2017 is kind of irrelevant for the planets!

As the year begins, the opposition between Jupiter in Libra and Uranus in Aries that was exact on December 26th is beginning to wane. However, Jupiter turns retrograde on February 6th leading to another build-up of this energy that climaxes on March 3rd. At this time Venus is also in Aries, its most uncomfortable sign, so this is not a great few days to try and mend any broken or difficult relationships. It is far better to bide your time until after the third of these clashes on September 28th. However this may be easier to say than to do as the energy connecting these two planets is volatile and impulsive. It will die down almost as quickly as it flares up so, 'Least said soonest, mended' may be a wise personal philosophy.

But having written those warning words above, Jupiter and Uranus in opposition could take matters out of our hands. This combination can bring about an unexpected but welcome release of tension and occasionally, situations come to a head regardless of our input. If this is the case it is a certainty that what follows will ultimately be much more positive and creative for you.

Jupiter also makes a tricky aspect to Pluto twice in 2017 as well. The first time, March 30th it is retrograde but on August 4th it is in direct motion and getting towards the end of its year in Libra. Jupiter and Pluto together can move mountains however in this aspect they are pulling against each other. Jupiter looks for the easy way out sometimes while Pluto demands intensity and careful consideration. Pluto is the stronger planet here and so any rash and impulsive changes of direction could be inadvisable. If you are feeling frustrated and longing to change everything in your life — or even just one or two situations, you don't need to abandon your plans but you would do well to slow down and examine all your options before making and far reaching moves.

Jupiter and Pluto together also have a Karmic association — what goes around, comes around. You may notice people who haven't been kind in the past getting their just desserts and those who have patiently waited on the side lines finally being rewarded appropriately.

Saturn, still in Sagittarius, makes a brilliant connection to Uranus in Aries twice this year. These two planets are almost direct opposites but when they are in harmony as now when they are both in fire signs, the result can be opportunities for personal and professional development that really have a powerful and positive effect on your life. So, make a note in your diary for May 19th and November 11th as these are days when you can really come up with some remarkable insights that will help you focus on magically improving your life.

It is fair to say that for most of the year the emphasis is on changing the status quo and assertively getting what we want both personally and in the wider world. This can be productive but is pointless unless we also incorporate the spiritual side of life. Of the five major planetary players, only one is in water (Neptune in Pisces) and one in Earth (Pluto in Capricorn) until the latter part of the year. So, we all need to make conscious efforts to nurture our relationship to the natural world and also to our own spiritual side. Even living in the heart of the city it is worth making the effort to spend time with nature, perhaps in the park or if you are lucky out in the countryside or by the ocean. It is surprising just how soothing getting away for all the hustle and bustle can be!

Jupiter moves into Scorpio in October and Saturn into Capricorn in December. I will write in more detail about these two major changes a bit later on. Meanwhile don't forget to look at what I have to say about the periods when Mercury is retrograde and the eclipses. You will find these on the web site.

I wish you a very peaceful, prosperous and productive 2017!