The Eclipses in 2017

Lunar Eclipse February 11th

The Lunar Eclipse of February 11th 2017 is at 22° Leo linking it very closely to Jupiter at 23° Libra, Saturn at 25° Sagittarius and Uranus at 21° Aries. This is a volatile Full Moon as so much of the connected energy is in the element of fire with both Venus and Mars in Aries too. If you are working on a pet project that is close to your heart, this Eclipse can give you the boost you need to take the next important step. In relationships, it can encourage emotional openness and stimulate physical desire. Even in regular day-to-day chores and responsibilities, this powerful cosmic influence can increase your speed or productivity.

However, relationships that are carrying a lot of unexpressed anger or resentment may go through some changes. The explosive nature of this Eclipse could bring these difficult emotions to the surface in a dramatic manner. Full Moons can symbolise endings and so anything that is stale or unhealthy in our lives may be brought into the spotlight and either transformed or discarded.

Solar Eclipse of February 26th

The accompanying Solar Eclipse at the New Moon of February 26th falls at 8° Pisces close to Neptune at 11° Pisces. There is an imaginative and idealistic feel to this combination, which can encourage interest in religion, spirituality and the desire for unity and to be part of something much greater than our own individual selves. As there is a need for something or someone to cling on to, so too there is also the potential for misplaced hero-worship that often can lead to disappointment. Mars and Uranus are conjunct in Aries at the same time as this eclipse happens adding another dimension to the planetary pattern. People are going to want answers to their questions RIGHT NOW!! As you can imagine, with important and emotionally sensitive issues in the frame, there is a great deal at stake. If you find in your own life that someone lets you down or something you felt was vital to your happiness hasn't delivered, it is best to let it go. This is a New Moon and therefore time to sow seeds for the future.

Lunar Eclipse August 7th

This Eclipse at 15° Aquarius encourages bold moves in both our professional and private lives. Aquarius represents humanitarian impulses and 'doing what's best' for the good of the family, neighbourhood or country. It's sort of the astrological equivalent of 'tough love'! In one situation, you may have to say no to someone simply for his or her own good!

Solar Eclipse August 21st

There are echoes of last February in this Eclipse at 29° Leo. It makes a trine aspect to the unpredictable planet of Uranus, retrograde in Aries. This allows for a powerful flow of fiery energy that can be used for good or ill. This is good time to really get in touch with what would make you happy, not just superficial things like a new car or fancy dining. What is important is feeling happy in your own skin and insights that appear around this Eclipse could give you a strong indication of how to direct your attention and energy so that you can achieve this comfortable self-aware state. And if you had to painfully say goodbye to something or someone last February you may now find you feel really free and content with your actions.