Saturn in Sagittarius
December 23, 2014 - June 15, 2015
September 18, 2015 - December 20, 2017

Just before Christmas, Saturn entered Sagittarius for a six month taster before transiting this sign in earnest from September 2015. At first it might seem as if the baleful, restrictive image of Saturn is completely at odds with the happy-go-lucky reputation of Sagittarius. And indeed there will be some challenges for us to face regarding realism versus optimism over the coming years. Or more dramatically faith in conflict with the absence of faith.

Let's break it down into bite-sized chunks. It's true that Saturn does represent boundaries, delays, restrictions and setbacks. It is concerned with the realistic approach to all areas of life and sometimes we all prefer to look on the bright side even when reality is actually hitting us over the head. The key principle to keep in mind for Saturn is that the more we are willing to face up how things are rather than how we want them to be, the more chance we stand of actually creating the ideal conditions that ensure our lives are the best they can be.

Sagittarius as a sign is renowned for skating over the detail in the quest for the big adventure or project. It is associated with the law - both man-made and Divine - philosophy, religion and idealism. It is also linked to speculation, risk-taking and the refusal to toe the line if that line is going be restrictive in some way.

It's always fascinating to look back to previous transits of a slow moving planet like Saturn to see if any identifiable themes emerge. One major concern is global finances. In October 1929 the Wall Street Crash kick started the Depression and in October 1987 another global stock market crash came to be known as Black Monday. While you and I have very little influence over these major events and neither am I predicting another financial disaster, the chances are we could all cut back a little and put some money away for a rainy day.

Politically the last transit during 1986/87 saw the collapse of the Soviet Union and the overthrow of dictators in Haiti, the Philippines and Uganda. Interesting that Mr. Putin is now flexing his muscles over Ukraine, one former satellite of the Soviet Union. There was also plenty of unrest in the Middle East and plenty of kidnapping, hijackings and terrorist attacks. In fact al Qaeda was formed in 1988. We are still grappling with these issues as I write. But what we have to bear in mind is that all these issues are in effect having their own 'Saturn Returns.' So now we have the opportunity to make progress where previously we were simply taken by surprise. It could be a very positive time for the world.

On a more positive note, the European Economic Community, which has become the European Union, was originally founded in 1958. This organization has all the hallmarks of Saturn in Sagittarius idealistic in that by joining together to form a mutually beneficial organization, there could be an end to the long line of wars of the previous 200 years, yet restrictive in that all members have to toe the line in order for it to work. And for the most part, it has been a positive union despite some inherent problems.

You are probably wondering how Saturn in Sagittarius will manifest for you personally. Well if you were born between November 1985 and November 1988 you will experience your first Saturn Return. If your birth was between early 1956 and late 1958, you will experience your second return, and it will be your third Saturn return if you were born between late 1926 and late 1929. Obviously how the Saturn Return is experienced depends on whether you are coming up to 30, 60 or 90. But the common thread regardless of your actual age is that the only way to progress and develop materially and spiritually is to identify the dead wood in your life and then let it go. Only you will know how this resonates in your own life and the chances are that sometime over the next few years it will become clear to you.

The rest of us will also experience the challenge of recognizing when to pull the plug on something we have struggled to keep going. It is always best to do this willingly as it clears the way for both new opportunities for prosperity and emotional happiness.

Right at the start of this text I used the word 'faith' and I would like to end with it as well. Saturn challenges us by placing obstacles in our path and this transit particularly may be a real test of our ability to remain upbeat and optimistic in the face of certain situations. This may sound a bit discouraging but the flip side is that Sagittarius has a habit of coming through with flying colors whatever difficulties present themselves. And this is a tribute the profound faith in life and the Divine that comes naturally to most Sagittarians. Despite which Sun Sign we have, we can learn from this one, and while Saturn continues to provide reality checks, Sagittarius reminds us that there really is a silver lining hiding behind those dark clouds!