Periods of Mercury Retrograde in 2017

In most years, Mercury has three retrograde periods. However as 2017 begins, Mercury is still backtracking for a week, making it four this year, and from the 4th to the 12th of January, the planet re-enters Sagittarius. If you are looking at courses of higher learning or researching that holiday of a lifetime abroad, this is a great week to check out your options. When Mercury stations and turns direct on the 8th, you may find exactly what you have been hoping for! On the 12th, it moves into business and property oriented Capricorn and finally moves ahead freely from the 28th onwards. But before then, it makes a lovely aspect to love and money planet Venus on the 3rd. This is an affectionate and sociable combination and an ideal day to reach out to your loved ones.

April 9th — May 3rd

In the spring, Mercury retrogrades in Taurus on April 9th, two days before the Full Moon. This may lead to some kind of standoff between colleagues, friends or family members as everyone has a point of view and voice that wants to be heard. Remember Taurus is a stubborn sign and the Full Moon is in Libra, which always tries to create balance even if it must vociferously play Devil's Advocate! This may symbolise you or someone you are in dialogue with — remember you will catch more flies with honey than vinegar so sweetly does it! Both Taurus and Libra are ruled by Venus, so connect with her qualities and you will come out on top, without alienating someone important! Mercury again changes signs in this period and re-enters Aries on the 20th. As it retrogrades it connects with Uranus around the 28th and 29th, ushering in some unpredictable and possibly forthright exchanges between folks again. But you know how to diffuse the situation now, don't you! Mercury turns direct on the 3rd, May, entering Taurus on the 16th and finally moving out of its shadow on the 21st. Time to put your mental energy into communicating appreciation for those you care about.

April 28 — May 22, 2016

This retrograde period takes place in earthy Taurus making it a good time to focus on your personal assets. Obviously the general rules of Mercury retrograde apply but with this emphasis on earth — the Sun, Jupiter and Pluto are all in Earth signs. It is advisable to be extra careful about signing contracts or spending money on Mercury ruled items, such as cars, computers, and phones. Of course, it is an excellent period to do your research if you are considering major expenditure. Mercury turns direct on the 22nd May and is out of its Shadow on June 8th.

August 13th — September 5th

After two weeks in one of its most favoured signs, Virgo, Mercury back tracks for another two weeks before re-entering Leo. Retrograde in Virgo, Mercury really can relish getting down to the detail and it may be helpful to look up from your work to remind yourself of the bigger picture every now and then. When it moves into Leo, you may find matters are taken out of your hands anyway as Leo puts the emphasis on fun and games. If you keep getting distracted from Virgoan activities, like sorting out your paperwork or re-organising your closets, think like a Leo would and go for the pleasurable option — the chores will still be there later on — most probably after Mercury has turned direct on the 5th of September, recommenced its journey through Virgo on the10th and come out of its shadow on 20th!

December 3rd — 23rd

This period is short and sweet. t remains in Sagittarius for the entire time and directs before the holiday period. Although it might be an idea to really nail down any travel plans so you don't get caught out. As with all periods when Mercury is retrograde, there can be a great deal of scope for misunderstandings and missed connections. It is never a good idea to make major purchases especially with Mercury ruled goods such as cars, computers and cell phones — the '3 C's'! Also, put off signing contracts if you can until the 11th / 12th January although I know this is not always possible.