What the Stars will bring in 2019!

The predominant theme of 2019 is the three major connections between Saturn and Neptune. Both of these planets are in their home signs, Saturn in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces. This strengthens their power and helps them manifest their messages to us here on earth.

Saturn is the planet that represents limits and boundaries. It was originally the furthest planet that we could see and therefore utilise in astrology. It symbolised fate and death and was often considered a baleful and frightening influence. Nowadays when most astrologers consider our inner world just as relevant as the outer world, Saturn, while remaining a serious influence — Saturn Returns are rarely all-singing-all-dancing affairs — is considered to have positive as well as negative effects. Understanding its message is vital for personal growth and ultimately contentment. After all Saturn gives its name to Saturnalia, the ancient over-the-top Roman festival of overeating, drunkenness and general bad but enjoyable behaviour. This was the end of year reward for all the toil and trouble that was needed to bring in the harvest and make ready for the cold winter months.

Major Saturn aspects, whether or not they impact directly on our own Natal charts require us to give thought to what is genuinely important to our lives and what we need to release and let go in order to grow to our full potential.

So, what about Saturn's aspect to Neptune? This mysterious planet is approximately halfway through its transit of Pisces. A great deal of hitherto unknown information has come to light over the past 6 or so years and this is going to continue. Most things that have been brought to our attention whether of a personal nature or in the wider world have been rather shocking as they nearly all seem to relate to lies and deception. We always have to be careful with Neptune transits. There is often a tendency to look for a saviour of some kind. Its astrological connection with spirituality comes with a warning that placing all our trust in some kind of Guru or teacher results in disappointment and a big let-down when we discover that our saviour is only human after all. This is the denouement of the brilliant film The Wizard of Oz. The Wizard was a charlatan simply pulling the wool over people's eyes!

So, this year we have the ultimate representation of realism and only trusting what we can see and experience personally make a trio of aspects to the nebulous and secretive influence that can mislead us due to our natural longing be part of something greater than ourselves. The aspect from Capricorn to Pisces is one of the gentler and more beneficial connections. These three connections during the year could help to restore some equilibrium to the chaos we have all been experiencing recently. Together Saturn and Neptune encourage a balance between our material aspirations and our spiritual needs. You may realise that one aspect of your life has been taking precedence to the detriment of the other. For example, if all your energy and attention is geared to work and increasing your material wealth and financial security you have no time for contemplation and listening to your Inner Wisdom. Of course, you need to pay attention to the material side of life but if it becomes overwhelming you have no way of understanding what you truly want and need for your own happiness. Equally ignoring worldly matters and burying our heads in the sand is just as much of a recipe for disappointment. Saturn making this lovely sextile aspect to Neptune on January 31st, June 18th and November 9th remind us throughout the year of the need to get things in proportion, take notice of our genuine material needs and desires and incorporate spirituality and compassion into our daily lives.

These are not the only influences this year and of course we still have mighty Pluto rumbling along in Capricorn, bringing to the surface all the hidden problems in the machinery of big business, government and the structures and organisations we have accepted as set in stone for years. There are still a few more years of this transit and while we have very limited scope to get involved, we can face up to areas of our own lives that we have overlooked or buried deep within out of fear or shame or some other reason. While ultimately the world will benefit from this upheaval, we can also gain a great deal by exploring our own inner demons. It takes courage to examine feelings that we don't much like about ourselves such as jealousy or rage. However only by our willingness to do this — by ourselves or with help — will we gain our ultimate reward which is to discover the 'buried treasure' of our own creativity and potential for genuine love and happiness.

Right at the end of the year, on December 15th and just after it changes signs and enters Capricorn, Jupiter makes a fantastic aspect to Uranus, now well established in Taurus. This aspect, a 'trine' between these planets can bring a release from long term stress or tension, a fabulous opportunity or introduction. Where there have been difficulties in relationships, ways to repair these can appear and new horizons can make the end of 2019 a bit more positive that the start!