The Art of Astrology:
Using the Inner Planets to Reveal Your Destiny and Desires

by Bethea Jenner

The Art of Astrology is an accessible and helpful kit for those who want to explore their own birth chart.  It provides you an in-depth understanding of your chart without your having to delve into complex planetary tables and charts. With a 96-page full-color book, astro-wheel, and deck of 48-color astro-cards, you can discover how the Sun, Moon, Mars, and Venus affect and empower you, including personal interpretations of how the heavenly bodies that are closest to us shape your life. The Art of Astrology gives you your unique birth chart, helps you divine the future - and find out what really motivates you in life.


The No-Nonsense Guide to Astrological Aspects
by Sally Davis and Bethea Jenner

This book is part of a series of "How-To" practical books for students. It contains descriptions and illustrations of planetary aspects, along with explanations for interpreting them in a horoscope.




Signs of the Times

Most people at some time or other have glanced at the astrology columns in newspapers and magazines even if it is just to satisfy themselves that it has absolutely no relevance to their lives. The popular concept that it is all made up during the tea break by a rookie journalist is one that still persists despite the fact that astrological superstars such as Jonathan Cainer can now command vast salaries.

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