2020 Eclipses & the Marriage of the Sun and the Moon!

This year there are two Solar and four Lunar Eclipses. Solar Eclipses occur at New Moon when the Moon lines up between the Sun and Earth. Lunar Eclipses happen at Full Moon when the Earth is in between the Sun and the Moon. Not all New and Full Moons are Eclipses but they are all powerful influences on us none the less. However, an Eclipse provides that bit of extra power.

New Year Eclipse

This Lunar Eclipse in Cancer on January 10th is the follow up to the Solar Eclipse of the 26th of December 2019. Cancer is the favored sign of the Moon and this eclipse will heighten sensitivity and responsiveness. As there are currently four planets in its opposite sign Capricorn, this Sun/Moon pattern links to them and highlights communication (Mercury), self-confidence and desire for personal growth (Jupiter), personal power (Pluto) and the need to cut out what is holding you back (Saturn). This is a great start to the year — pay attention to your Inner Guide and act accordingly.

Summer Eclipses

Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse: June 5th
Cancer Solar Eclipse: June 21
Capricorn Lunar Eclipse: July 5

The Lunar Eclipse on June 5th in fiery Sagittarius adds passion to your life. This could be romantic, but it also encompasses passion for an idea or an objective.

The Solar Eclipse in Cancer on June 21st and Lunar eclipse on July 5th echo the December/January pairing. Any conflict between personal needs and professional demands could be emphasized now. It is vital to be objective when it comes to career or financial matters at this time, but equally important to balance this with as much attention to your feelings. If something 'feels' amiss, regardless of how much your head is telling you to accept or go with it, you should to listen.

Winter Eclipses

Gemini Lunar Eclipse: November 30
Sagittarius Solar Eclipse: December 23

The Lunar eclipse in Gemini and the accompanying Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius provide a boost of mental clarity, insight and inspiration. If you are stuck in a rut and unable to see how you can find your way out of it, this Eclipse period could help you to discern precisely how to jettison those elements of your life that are holding you back while simultaneously attracting the opportunities you have long been hoping for. It could be quite a moment!