Jupiter in Capricorn
December 2nd 2019 — December 19th 2020
Retrograde period: May 14th — September 13th 2020

Over the past year Jupiter was 'at home' in Sagittarius but now it is moving to earthy Capricorn where it is a little less comfortable. Jupiter is the planet of expansion and Saturn-ruled Capricorn could be, at first glance, a bit too restrictive for this jolly celestial giant. In fact, ancient astrologers considered that Jupiter was in its 'detriment' in Capricorn. But there is certainly no reason to write off this year-long transit as one of disappointment when all your plans come to nothing. This couldn't be further from the truth. Capricorn provides the ideal opportunities to ground those dreams in reality and make precisely the kinds of improvements in your life you have probably been fantasising about over the past year.

Jupiter is the seen astrologically as the planet that provides us with optimism, imagination, the desire to expand our field of influence and the energy and enthusiasm to reach for the stars. It inspires a desire for knowledge and the yearning for new horizons. The negative aspects of Jupiter energy that so often trip us up — carelessness, arrogance, the tendency to ignore potential problems and impatience with detail will be counterbalanced this year as it travels through cautious and conscientious Capricorn.

Jupiter is frequently referred to as the planet of luck but as all successful people avow, good luck is only really beneficial when supported by hard work and determination. Capricorn is the sign of diligence and single-minded focus on the main objective and is ideal when you are attempting to make improvements or bring about positive change in your life.

So how can you really make the most of this one-year transit?

If you have ever nurtured a dream that you have barely even admitted to yourself this may be the year that you feel empowered to begin working towards it. Capricorn encourages a strong sense of ambition and Jupiter in this sign supplies the necessary confidence and self-belief to actually get going with the ground work. Capricorn also improves the ability to concentrate your energy and preserve your resources — materially or physically. Both of these aspects of all our lives can sometimes be taken for granted and often wasted when Jupiter is in a more outgoing and livelier sign!

Education and the Higher Mind are symbolised by Jupiter and this is a brilliant year to begin a course of study or to gain an extra qualification. This may be because Jupiter in Capricorn fosters a mature outlook and you now feel ready to take up something that wasn't quite so appealing when you were younger.

The inspiration for new ventures may come as early as mid-December this year and again in late February 2020. You may feel a surge of intensity and a strong desire to make your mark within your social or working environment at the start of April. This could really be a boost your confidence.

Jupiter has its retrograde period between May 14th and September 13th 2020. Be aware that when planets are retrograde there is a slowing down of momentum. Projects that seem to be progressing exactly how you want seem to come to a grinding halt. It is really crucial that anything you have initiated under this transit that does slow down is not abandoned. It is easy to get disheartened but it is a useful bit of breathing space to examine how far you have come and to assess the next phase. It may be that new ideas arise as some things no longer seem appropriate. October and November 2020 will see you poised to crack on with the next development full of confidence before Jupiter changes signs once again.

Despite it not being the most exciting planetary transit, Jupiter in Capricorn can really help us all on our own personal and professional journey. We just need to heed its message of 'getting down to business'. Conscientiousness, thrift and self-control can all be wonderful assets that help you make the improvements that you desire. But never forget that Jupiter is associated with optimism, spontaneity and generosity. You can still have a good time this year even while you are following your own strategy for success!