Jupiter in Sagittarius
November 8, 2018 - December 2, 2019

Jupiter entering Sagittarius, the sign it rules on November 8th is an exceptionally strong and favorable position. The qualities of both planet and sign are heightened when any planet transits a sign of its rulership. Incidentally, during the year that Jupiter transits Sagittarius two other planets are in their home signs — Saturn in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces. Basically, this means the planet's influence is operating at its most pure and effective.

Jupiter is known as the 'Great Benefic' because of its reputation for providing opportunities and offers that can potentially transform our lives. It encourages you to widen your horizons and absorb the big picture rather than being stopped in your tracks by all those niggly details that make you doubt your plans and aspirations.

You may feel a great deal of restlessness from time to time with this transit, no matter how comfortable your circumstances or what your Sun sign. Jupiter in Sagittarius is offering you the opportunity to look at life with new eyes. You are more likely to want to explore new ideas, travel to faraway places and discover other cultures and ways of life. This doesn't mean that you are going to walk right out of your old life without a backwards glance (although some of you might do just that!!) But it will mean that by the end of the transit certain important aspects of your life will have been positively refreshed and renewed in some way.

Both Jupiter and Sagittarius are linked to specific aspects of human life and so this transit will put the spotlight on these if they relate to you.

Education is one of these, particularly higher education, for example from college onwards. You may be past the conventional age of college education but we can all benefit from lifelong learning. If you missed out on the opportunity of higher education, for whatever reason, you may feel inspired to go back to school now — maybe to enhance your qualifications or simply for the pure joy of learning something new. And with online learning, that is not easier than ever. Jupiter is the planet of expansion and what better way of tapping into its energy that to expand your mind.

Religion is also something that is ruled by Jupiter, not so much the personal act of spirituality but the structure and symbolism connected to your particular faith. You may feel inspired to make your faith a more prominent part of your life and routine now. However, Jupiter in Sagittarius encouraging you to expand your mind and explore other ideas may mean that you find yourself questioning ideas that you have always accepted as set in stone. The key word is 'wisdom,' which is very much associated with this planet-sign combination. This has nothing to do with telling others how they should think, but all about finding your own way of being wise — and being true to yourself.

You may find that you encounter someone who has an important influence on you simply by challenging some of your beliefs and helping you to think outside the box. We can all become entrenched in our ideas toward life that we do not want to risk the uncertainty of it not being as we have long envisioned it. But this transit may encourage you to be more questioning.

Ethics and integrity are important concepts linked to Jupiter in Sagittarius and there may be situations during this coming year when you feel compelled to stand up for what you think is right even if there is opposition from those close to you.

A great way to make the most of this transit is to literally expand your horizons by taking any opportunity you can to travel — as far away from your familiar surroundings as possible. This is a really fun and exciting way to open up your mind and learn about people and ideas that otherwise you would never encounter. Your understanding of the wider world will be of immense benefit to you.

Jupiter is often said to be the planet of luck. I believe that this is not because of some magical property but because it often presents us with opportunities from out of the blue that can powerfully affect our inner and outer worlds. The luck bit comes into it when you have the courage to take that leap of faith and grab life changing opportunities with both hands. Remember that I mentioned this transit could mean you feel a little restless and dissatisfied. This happens to us all from time to time but many of us simply take the easy way out and suppress these feelings. It is the wise who act upon them, trusting that the Universe has presented an offer that will change your life at exactly the right time.

You may have an inkling of where this transit is going to take you as early as November 26th when the Sun and Jupiter are exactly conjunct. Keep your eyes and ears open and let your imagination run free on this day. From April 10th to August 11th Jupiter is in retrograde motion. Things may seem to slow down and it may lead you to feel frustrated. But don't be, my friend as this is a great time to examine the details of any new plan in any area of your life. I know that Jupiter and Sagittarius combined are not big on details but we do have to embrace them — just not get bogged down in them! Also, know that the downside of Jupiter in Sagittarius is a tendency to get carried away. Inflation is the alter ego of expansion and can often be the downfall of anyone who is trying to go too far too fast. So, this 4-month period of retrograde movement is ideal for being objective and getting your feet back on the ground.

On June 14th and again on September 21st, Jupiter combines with Neptune in a way that can either be inspirational or disappointing. This is where your sense of the big picture becomes invaluable. Seeing through the immediate difficulties and keeping your attention fixed on your vision is how you will reach your goal.

Really and truly this is a once-in-12-years cycle of opportunity for happiness for us all.