Periods of Mercury Retrograde in 2016

January 5 January 25, 2016

No sooner has Mercury entered Aquarius on the 2nd of January than it stations and changes direction on the 5th and backtracks into Capricorn on the 8th. This means that it spends almost all of this retrograde period in Capricorn. As this is the primary sign of business, this period can be most productive if you carefully review any current or future projects that will necessitate expenditure of time, energy and money. Note that it may be very difficult to get clear and definite answers to your questions about business and property now, so your ideal stance will be patience. On the 15th of February, Mercury will move forwards into Aquarius and will be out of its 'Shadow Period'

April 28 May 22, 2016

This retrograde period takes place in earthy Taurus making it a good time to focus on your personal assets. Obviously the general rules of Mercury retrograde apply but with this emphasis on earth — the Sun, Jupiter and Pluto are all in Earth signs. It is advisable to be extra careful about signing contracts or spending money on Mercury ruled items, such as cars, computers, and phones. Of course, it is an excellent period to do your research if you are considering major expenditure. Mercury turns direct on the 22nd May and is out of its Shadow on June 8th.

August 30 September 22, 2016

This third Mercury retrograde is in an Earth sign this time Virgo. It stations on the 30th August, making a conjunction to both Venus and Jupiter. As both of those planets symbolize good fortune and gifts, there may be many tempting offers around. Make certain that you read all the small print — an awful chore but absolutely essential! Mercury resumes direct motion on the 22nd at a lovely aspect to Pluto. You could find your patience has paid off handsomely. When it comes out of its Shadow on October 7th, you are ready to resume any projects you have put on hold.

December 19, 2016 - January 8, 2017

2016 ends with Mercury retrograde in Capricorn. Check and double check your holiday travel arrangements and don't assume social arrangements will run smoothly. Most importantly adopt a relaxed approach and any little glitches that do occur will soon be forgotten. You may find yourself revisiting something you thought was dead and buried back at the start of the year.