Periods of Mercury Retrograde in 2018

All of 2018's Mercury Retrograde periods will occur in Fire Signs, the element of inspiration and faith, adventure and courage. As always, the best way to cope with Mercury Retrograde, whatever your particular Sun sign may be, is to take a step back, contact your Inner Guide, and put off making important decisions if possible. All things Mercury related, such as signing contracts, purchasing cars or other transportation and especially communications and technological products should be put off if at all possible until Mercury is back on track. And give you extra time and extra patience when dealing with those areas while Mercury is retrograde.

Mercury Retrograde in Aries March 23 — April 15 2018

Mercury in Aries relates to impatience and competitiveness. There is a sense of impulsiveness and frustration with delay. Sometimes actions are undertaken without being thought through. So, it follows that a retrograde period will be frustrating to the max! Bear in mind that when Mercury is retrograde, it gives us the opportunity to reconsider important decisions. If you take advantage of this slow down, you may be blessed with some crucial insights that might be missed by rushing headlong into action. Sit on your hands and try and divert any impatience towards some other activity until Mercury emerges from its 'shadow' period on May 4th.

Mercury Retrograde in Leo July 26 — August 19 2018

While Mercury is in Leo, will power and self confidence are highlighted. It is a great transit for tackling large, ongoing projects and visualising the big picture. Leo likes to be in charge and if you are in some kind of joint enterprise, both parties are going to want to take the lead. There is also a tendency to overlook details in the drive to make the project come to fruition. This relates to anything from a major professional enterprise to discussions about domestic arrangements. So, while Mercury transits retrograde, self-confidence can mutate into arrogance and refusal to consider other points of view. Try to keep this in mind not only while you are stating your case, but also when others put their ideas in a more forceful manner than usual. Mercury comes out of its shadow on September 2nd enabling a resumption co-operation and progress.

Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius November 17 — December 6

This period is a little different in that for approximately 10 days Mercury has backtracked as far as Scorpio. Furthermore, this is where it stations and turns direct.

Mercury is not at its happiest in Sagittarius, the sign of the higher mind and freedom of thought and speech. This sounds very positive, and in many ways it is as insight and intuition are highlighted, and there will be a sense of understanding of the direction of public opinion. However, without the balance of rigorous research and attention to detail, it can lead to getting hold of the wrong end of the stick in a major way! During this retrograde period, we could all be guilty of making up our minds about something before we have all the facts straight. So, it is rather helpful that Mercury retrogrades into Scorpio — the sign most associated with research and detective work — from December 1st to December 12th. This celestial situation will provide us with the opportunity to take in all the pertinent information and reassess our position about something important, whether professionally or personally. The general advice with Mercury retrograde periods is to hold fire and this may be of most benefit during this one. Mercury finally emerges from its shadow on December 25th.