Mercury Retrograde Periods in 2020

All three retrograde periods this year are in the Water element with a few days in Air signs just to mix it up a bit! As I am sure you know by now, Mercury rules everything to do with communications — professional, social and personal with the family members and partner. Misunderstandings and 'mis-speaking' can create all sorts of unnecessary upset and confusion during retrograde periods. The emphasis on the Water element this time around can play out emotionally as tempers rise quickly and feelings get hurt. It really doesn't need to be this way though. As usual, it is vital to think before you speak, ask politely for clarification if you don't understand any communications and check and re-check arrangements and details, especially where travel is concerned.

Plan your routine journeys carefully and check for delays. There is nothing more frustrating than taking a short regular commute and suddenly finding an unexpected hold up. Forewarned is forearmed! Mercury retrograde can affect longer trips but seems to be most annoying with regular journeys such as the school and/or work commutes.

We rely heavily on technology these days, far more than we ever used to and Mercury rules all our communication devices. If you are thinking of getting a new cell phone or laptop during any of these three periods, try and hold off ifat all possible. In fact, research in these retrograde weeks will really pay dividends for when you do have to splash out, preferably after Mercury emerges from its shadow. However, do bear in mind that as all these communication aids we use are also more likely to go wrong under this transit you may be forced into a purchase! Scrutinise guarantees and the store returns policy.

Mercury turns direct on a specific date but there is then a short period when communications still seem to be a little uncertain. This is what we call its 'Shadow Period' meaning that although it is moving forwards, it has not yet reached the point at which it turned retrograde three weeks ago. I have noted this for your information.

Mercury Retrograde affects everyone, but at least you have the advantage of knowing when and how this will play out. Above all, I don't want you to worry about these astrological events. While they can certainly be a nuisance, they are nothing to be concerned about!

February 17th — March 10th

This particular transit occurs in Pisces, where communications are already tricky without adding the retrograde issue as well. So, be prepared during this time especially for losing track of time and unexpected tardiness for meetings and rendezvous, losing things — especially paperwork — and a disappointment with impulse buys. (In fact, it's better not to do any window shopping at all during this time!)

If at all possible, avoid signing contracts now, but if there is no option, then I advise reading once, twice, thrice all paperwork and terms and conditions. Mercury backs into Aquarius on March 4th and turns direct in that sign on March 10th. By the 16th of March, it is back in Pisces and out of its shadow on March 30th when the obstacles to progress will begin to dissolve. One brilliant effect of Retrograde Mercury in Pisces is that your imagination will be extremely vivid so take note of any insights that come to you.

June 18th — July 12th

This retrograde period in Cancer may have an impact on organising family get-togethers and/or home improvements. Getting people together for a special event is often a challenge, but Mercury retrograde could make it more trying that usual. Flexibility is the key! As Cancer is ruled by the Moon, and therefore links to feelings and the past, don't be surprised if someone who once meant a great deal to you makes an unexpected reappearance now. Mercury will emerge from its shadow on July 27th.

October 14th — November 3rd

Mercury turns retrograde in Scorpio, backtracks into Libra on October 28th where it resumes normal motion on November 3rd. This period relates to deep undercurrents in close and important relationships, romantic and emotional as well as professional and creative. Misunderstandings between people can illuminate deep seated differences and now is a great time to look at these this differences. Of course, it is never advisable to go in, all guns blazing, with your list of grievances, and that behaviour is especially unwise now. Ideally, Mercury Retrograde periods are time to think about your position and how you want the relationship to progress — or not!

Once normal movement returns, Mercury re-enters Scorpio on November 10th and comes out of its shadow on the 20th. Clarity returns and you will know exactly how you feel how you need to communicate in order to improve any relationship that has unsettled you.