What Happens When Uranus Goes into the Sign of Aries?

Uranus is considered to be an unpredictable and sometimes explosive energy and as it has traveled through Pisces, the most sensitive of signs, it has shaken up a good many of our preconceptions about our responsibilities to each other and our shared environment. All the outer planets have an impact both personally and collectively and while Saturn, Neptune and Pluto engender deep and intense changes, they are often quite slow to manifest. Uranus, in contrast makes a very immediate impact in our lives and the collective consciousness. And when it enters a new sign its calling card is sudden and dramatic and change often comes out of the blue. Between May 28th and July 4th of this summer, Uranus makes a brief and initial appearance in Aries before completing its sojourn in Pisces. This is a little taster of its seven-year trip through Aries proper that starts in March 2011.

Each of us is bound to experience Uranus in Aries differently depending on our own individual horoscope. Nonetheless you can anticipate some kind of inspirational change in whatever personal planet or area of your chart it contacts as it makes this journey. Since Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and rather youthful and ‘self-centered’ in its vibration, we can expect there to be a certain amount of impulsive, headstrong and selfish behavior to manifest. On the positive side, Aries is an ‘upfront’ sign and we might all benefit from a refreshing open-ness about political and public life. Those in power or in the public eye may be more willing to speak their truth rather than go along with the party line for the sake of a quiet life. In fact as Aries is the home sign of Mars the warrior, we can expect people everywhere stand up for their beliefs and against injustice especially if they have felt that their concerns have been ignored or belittled.

The last transit of Uranus through Aries was between 1927 and 1935. During this period the world was, just like today, experiencing an economic crisis and a degree of political unrest around the world. More positively the pioneering spirit of Uranus in Aries was exemplified by the production of the first ‘talking picture’, “the Jazz Singer” and the fearless exploit of pilot Charles Lindbergh who flew solo across the Atlantic, the first person to do so.

During the early period of this Uranus transit, it will oppose Saturn in Libra and make a wide link to Pluto in Capricorn. This is when situations that have reached a stalemate or have been dragging on unresolved may suddenly reach a speedy, unexpected and unorthodox conclusion. Uranus is like a breath of fresh air but it can sometimes be a little chilly. You may be taken aback by the speed of any changes that happen to you during this seven-year period but remember they will be long overdue. Uranus in Aries is the signature of a fresh start for all of us as well as a fantastic opportunity to let go of anything or anyone that limits your emotional or spiritual growth.